Asphalt road surfaces have several advantages, including cost savings, noise reduction, and comfort. The use of asphalt materials in road building and maintenance may benefit both road users and the environment.


Asphalt’s benefits simply add up to higher value. Asphalt is a safe, smooth, and long-lasting material. It can be designed to survive endlessly. Asphalt is easy to build and maintain, and asphalt contractors understand how to “get in and out” of work zones. Asphalt is a green pavement since it is up to 100 percent reusable and recyclable. Furthermore, due to its flexibility and innovative technology, asphalt is the sole sustainable paving option.


There is a lot of bitumen in reclaimed asphalt, and warming and reusing it is straightforward. As bitumen is the most costly component of asphalt, recovered asphalt is a valuable raw resource. Reusing recovered asphalt saves money for these reasons, especially if the transportation distances of the reclaimed old asphalt are relatively small.


Asphalt containing recovered asphalt is just as excellent as new – The asphalt industry’s standards and regulations encourage the use of reclaimed asphalt as a raw material in asphalt manufacture. The same quality criteria are imposed on both new asphalt and asphalt incorporating recovered asphalt, resulting in reused asphalt that is just as high quality, clean, and durable as new asphalt.