Asphalt is more resistant to the elements than concrete is. What is even more of a draw? Asphalt is more cost-effective, too. So switching to asphalt is the clear better option, but what if you already have a concrete driveway? Can’t I just pour over top of the existing concrete? Technically, yes. But you are going to run into issues down the road.


So why should you remove your concrete driveway before switching over to asphalt?


It is all about stability. Think about the foundation of a house. If it is not stable, the house will fall apart. If your base is concrete, it will be prone to splitting and cracking. There is a difference in the way concrete and asphalt are laid with the sub bases. Concrete is generally laid in heavier amounts to ensure strength and stability. Due to the thick pour, there is not a big need for a sub-base. However, this can become a problem if the ground begins to shift and shake. If asphalt is laid on top of concrete with no base, the asphalt, by default, will begin to crack as well. Asphalt needs a solid sub base for it to live up to its longevity and less maintenance.