When you take a good hard look at your driveway, you may notice some cracks and damage to the pavement. Here are some reasons this may have happened recently, as well as options on how to mend the damage.


Recent storms or major climate events


This usually surfaces in damage through cracks due to foundation damage. Also, plants and new growths from debris spreading will cause the pavement to become uneven, leading to the breakout of cracks. Fortunately, these can be quick fixes if caught early enough.


General wear and tear


Deterioration over time is the most common factor for cracks to swell up and break out. Commonly, high condensation and colder climates create more of these types of issues. Heat can also have an effect, it’s just often less prominent than the colder or wetter seasons.

How can I fix it myself?


Fixing your cracked pavement yourself is simple if you are experienced with the necessary tools. Patching up minor issues can be completed in an afternoon, with a 24-hour period following to ensure the drying process goes well (subject to change depending on the climate). However, professional assistance is available as well, which is why we’re here to help.


Give us a call today and we can get started on your project. We’d love to hear how things are going and what questions you may have about any of the repairs and maintenance we can offer!