Unfortunately, asphalt parking lots’ surfaces are vulnerable to heavy use, weather, the elements, and natural wear and tear. Even the best asphalt parking lot will only last 25 to 30 years if it is not properly maintained.


Repairs and general upkeep can dramatically increase the life of your property. Even better, frequent care makes the parking lot safer.


Signs That Your Asphalt Surface Needs Repair


If you observe any of the following damage to the surface of your parking lot, it’s time to contact an asphalt maintenance company for asphalt surface repair:


There are stains in the parking lot


Permanent stains in parking lots are most commonly caused by industrial solvents and vehicle fluids, while other chemicals can also generate stains. While these stains may appear to be innocuous on the surface, they represent a major source of concern beneath the surface. Chemicals can easily penetrate sub-layers and dissolve binding agents. If left unchecked, this can jeopardize the parking lot’s integrity. Sealcoating every few years aids in the prevention of subsurface deterioration.


There is some buckling/warping


A parking lot that has been warped or buckled appears wavy rather than flat. The waviness is created mostly by the pressure exerted on the surface by heavy-duty trucks. It could also be an indication of a deteriorated parking lot foundation. Repairing a warped lot can be a time-consuming procedure since, while sometimes only the surface needs to be repaired, other times both the surface and the base must be replaced. Addressing these concerns as soon as feasible would help to avoid future harm.


The parking lot is deteriorating


A variety of variables can contribute to parking lot sinking, with soil issues being a major culprit, particularly if the soil beneath is not appropriately compacted. Alternatively, it could be that there is insufficient or excessive moisture, as a result of poor drainage or meteorological conditions. Whatever the source, prompt asphalt surface repair can assist to resolve the issue.