Driveway maintenance can be a pain to deal with on your own. Luckily, getting professional assistance is quick and simple. Here are some indicators we look for as professionals on how to proceed with repairing a driveway.


What is corrective maintenance?


This is conducted for particular issues that have affected the use of the driveway. For example, if there’s a crack in the driveway that’s expanded to the level that it impairs driver safety, this is maintenance that is required immediately. Alternatively, there are more minor issues that fall into the preventive category.


Preventive maintenance


This can be conducted on your own, in some cases. Depending on the severity, a few key issues are often easily spotted in our first inspection.


Vegetation overgrowth – This mainly will impact the evenness of the driveway. If vegetation growth sets in from a neighboring garden or yard, there’s a strong likelihood that it will affect the evenness of the driveway. Unfortunately, leaving this unaddressed over time will quickly begin to impact the drivability of the pavement.


Assisting drainage – Draining effectively makes the world of difference in harsher climates. Fortunately, this will be identifiable in sunken spots on the driveway, especially following heavy rain.


Overall, driveway damage can be a pain, which is why we’re here to help. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started on an inspection of your driveway and answer any questions as well.