You’ve likely noticed some damage to your driveway. Luckily, sealing is a fairly simple and efficient fix for any cracks or damage. Here are some tips on how to identify what type of damage your driveway has sustained, and some options on how to fix that damage.


Every two years you should have your driveway resealed


Between the eighteen months and two years mark, you’ll need to seal your driveway again. With this sealing, you can keep your driveway in good shape and avoid having damage turn into bigger issues for you down the road.


Can I seal my driveway on my own?


You absolutely can seal your driveway on your own. However, it’ll easily eat up a full day’s work and require time to dry as well. It’s tedious work that requires attention to detail, precision, and patience. While you are of course capable of performing with those qualities, it’s often more efficient for the homeowner to allow professionals to handle sealing their driveway.


What are the benefits of sealing?


Extends the lifetime of the originally paved driveway – Sealing over your driveway can more than double it’s lifetime of efficiency. You’ll expect the average driveway with minimal maintenance and inconsistent sealing to last around fifteen years. With the right maintenance practices and sealing priority, that doubled lifetime efficiency will pay massive dividends in the long haul for you.


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