A new asphalt driveway is a worthwhile investment for your home or business.


This technique of preservation will shield your asphalt from the damaging impacts of harsh weather and other natural elements, potentially extending the life of your driveway.


Seal coating should be applied to your new asphalt every year for the first three years, and then every two to three years after that.


Seal coating is strongly suggested as a preventative step against damage and cracking, whether your driveway is new or old. This can help your asphalt pavement last several decades longer.


Finally, seal coating a parking lot or driveway is much less expensive than totally repaving it. You can save money in the long run by applying seal coat to these surfaces every few years.


Sealcoating’s Advantages


Are you unsure why you should seal coat your asphalt surfaces? Seal coating can improve the longevity and appearance of your asphalt surface in a variety of ways:

  • Water and grease damage are avoided.


  • Protects against oxidation and UV damage.


  • Cracks and shrinking are avoided.


  • Maintains the color and look of asphalt over time.


  • Creates a smooth surface for easy lane marking and striping.