Recycled asphalt is a great option for homeowners to save a bit on the upfront cost. This is best used for shingles, as well as for paving needs. If you are looking into repaving a yard area or your driveway, here are some tips on using recycled asphalt.


Is recycled asphalt lower quality?


Fortunately, asphalt is extremely durable and stable even when recycled. Asphalt loses very minimal value in being recycled. Also, this increases asphalt’s eco-friendliness. You can expect strong performance from both freshly paved asphalt and recycled. The paving portion itself is what takes up most of your carbon footprint. With recycled asphalt, this footprint is minimized.


Landfills and asphalt impact


Recycled asphalt lowers the impact on landfills as well. You can be a part of that great change at a lower cost and an improved quality. If you are considering either option, look at which is best for your property before moving forward.


To determine which option is best, we’d love to meet you and learn more about your plans. If it’s just a simple repaving, or you’re looking for a full multi-purpose sport court, we can cater to your plans moving forward. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!