It is critical that we all do our share to protect our environment. After all, don’t we take scenic roads on most of our road vacations and long drives? What would we do if they weren’t there?


What you may not know is that Dustin’s Driveways contributes to the use of 100 percent recyclable asphalt in the paving of roads, lots, and driveways.


That’s not the only thing that makes asphalt such an environmentally beneficial paving medium; here are a few more fascinating facts about it:


Asphalt pavements are energy efficient.


When compared to conventional paving materials, they need approximately 20% less energy to create and produce. Additionally, after the road is officially in use, drivers waste even less energy due to the smooth durability that asphalt roads provide.


Asphalt is THE indestructible surface.


Only asphalt can lay claim to that honor. Asphalt roads, when built and planned properly, can withstand a lot of wear and strain for decades without being damaged. Furthermore, maintenance is quite simple—only the top layer of the pavement must be removed and rebuilt, which can be done in a matter of hours—saving taxpayers a significant amount of money over time.